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Frequently asked questions

  • Are you on social media?

Who isnt now a'days? Yea were on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok

  • My spiders won’t feed, its on its back or hasn’t come out of its hide?

This could be down to the spider being in pre-moult. This is quite a stressful time for the spider and it is best left alone. Spiders will often stop feeding and block the entrance to their burrows when in pre-moult.

  • I already have an order waiting to be shipped but I want to order more...

No problem! all you need to do when you check out is click the "Ill pick it up myself button, and then Add to an order you alredy have! Your order will then be added to an order you have alredy placed but has not been sent out yet

  • I have just received my spider, when should I feed it?

It is usually best to wait a couple of days before feeding.

  • Do you ship outside of the UK?

We can no longer ship outside of the UK.

  • How much is shipping?

Shipping is flat rate of £10.00 in the UK & this does include a heat pack when temps are low!

  • What days do you ship? & can I specify what day my order arrives?

We can ship Monday – Thursday. We do not post over the weekend because we can’t guarantee delivery and ultimately the welfare of the spider(s) takes priority over selling them. We can also post on a specific day if you wish – just get in contact.

  • Do you ship all year round?

For the most part yes although we do try and take an annual holiday. Sometimes over winter, if the temperature is expected to fall below 3℃ throughout the night, we may delay your shipping. Keep an eye on the websites notices for further information.

  • Can you offer specific sexed Tarantulas?

We do offer females, males & unsexed, we try and make sure they are labelled clearly for everyone to understand. Any questions…just ask!

  • What does (RCF), (LCF) & (DCF) mean?

(RCF) Refers to Red Colour Form, (LCF) Light colour form & (DCF) refer to Dark colour form. These are regional colour variations of a species.

  • Can you hold or reserve stock?

Unfortunately without full payment we are unable to hold any stock.

  • Can tarantulas be tamed? Can a tarantula be handled?

 No. Tarantulas are wild animals that are not used to people, they act by instinct and cannot be tamed. We do NOT recommend handling – even the most docile tarantula can bite.

  • My tarantula lost a leg, will it grow back?

Yes. With the further moulting processes lost legs of spiders will regenerate.

  • I have changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, this is possible but please be aware an admin fee will be applied, the fee will be 5% of the cost of your order.

Please know we try our best to size the spiders correctly but sometimes we can get it slightly wrong. Any issues please contact us, and we will do our best to put it right.

Don’t see your question? Get in touch. We welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have.

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