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Arachnoworx 3D Printed Spiderling Tank

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Introducing a new product!

3D Acrylic Printed Tanks specifically designed for spiderlings, dwarf species, and small juvenile tarantulas. These compact tanks, measuring 9cm in height and 11cm x 11cm in width, offer the perfect habitat for your beloved arachnids.

Constructed using advanced 3D printing technology, our tanks combine durability with a visually pleasing design. Made from transparent acrylic, they provide clear visibility, allowing you to observe and admire your tarantulas' fascinating behaviors and natural beauty.

Our tanks are carefully designed to provide a comfortable environment for your spiderlings. Equipped with ventilation holes, they ensure proper airflow and maintain the optimal humidity levels crucial for the well-being of these species.

These tanks are versatile and easy to decorate. With their perfect size, you can create a natural and captivating environment using various substrates, logs, and plants, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the habitat.

Whether you're a seasoned tarantula enthusiast or a new hobbyist, our 3D Acrylic Printed Tanks are an ideal choice. Provide your spiderlings, dwarf species, and small juvenile tarantulas with a safe and practical enclosure that caters to their specific needs. Invest in these top-quality tanks today and ensure the well-being and happiness of your arachnid companions!

Colour chosen at random unless you ask for a specific colour. 

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